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Travel Ideas, Routes, and PHOTOGRAPHY in the Western U.S. and B.C.   


Western Travel Photography Sampler - Images by Douglas Orton

Here are a few wonderfully short Western U.S. road trips recommended by Douglas Orton, a Seattle photographer and author. Please follow the  link below for fun, scenic, photogenic trips offerring scenery and recreation for all.  All routes are suitable for camping or casual lodging.  Most can be accomplished in a long weekend or will last a week or more without a hint of boredom setting in.

Explore!  Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California and British Columbia coasts, mountains and plains  from the Oregon Coast to the Palouse.  From fabulous Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park to Olympic National Park, Vancouver Island to the San Juan Islands, take a day or a week and go.

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Hey!  I'm retired! and not posting a lot of new work, but that doesn't mean I'm not shooting!

If you need images or features, here, there,       and anywhere in my stomping grounds give me  a buzz or drop an e-mail.   I;m always out and about and when I'm's an excuse to go that i'm waiting for.   "Retirement" just means I have time.